Press Release - May 19, 2011

In July 1990, she was asked to take on the challenge of managing KSTP-AM, the original holding of the Hubbard Family's broadcasting business (originally licensed as WAMD in 1923). It was in that role that Morris developed her true passion for and interest in the radio business. In May 1995, Morris added KSTP-FM (KS95) to her duties, becoming President and General Manager of both KSTP radio properties.

2010 Gender Analysis Study Released by MIW Radio Group

Boston, MA (May 19, 2011): According to the latest MIW Gender Analysis Study released by the Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio Group (MIWs), out of 10,783 AM and FM radio stations accounted for by MStreet Publications as of January 2011, 1729 or 16.1% have women holding the General Manager position in 2010. That number is up slightly from 2009 (16.0%) and shows continued growth from 2004 six years ago when the percentage was only 14.9%. The annual study is compiled, analyzed and released by the MIWs from information provided by *MStreet Publications.

The trends in the top 100 markets are showing a slight decrease: in 2010 16.7% of stations in these markets were managed by women, compared to 17.3% in 2009 although the numbers are still up from 15% six years ago in 2005. Overall the best management opportunities for women continue to be in the area of Sales Management, although there's been essentially no change for the six years between 2004 and 2010. In 2010, 30.3% of all stations had women SMs, almost flat from last year. In the top 100 markets, 31.9% of the stations had women SMs, down slightly from last year.

The greatest challenge for women in radio management continues to be as programmers: women program only 11.1% of all stations which compares to 10.7% five years ago. In the top 100 markets, women are not doing much better, programming just 9.2% of all stations.

"The MIWs have been analyzing and publishing these gender numbers for the past eleven years," commented Heidi Raphael, spokesperson on behalf of the Mentoring & Inspiring Women (MIW) in Radio Group. "While the 2010 overall numbers were for the most part down or flat, we are very encouraged to see an increase in the percentage of women moving into the General Manager position in the radio industry. We look forward to seeing an increase across the board in 2011."

Detailed 2010 MIW Gender Analysis reports for GM, SM and PD positions, including group trends will be released over the next several months.

About the MIW Radio Group: The MIW Radio Group is committed to using its influence and resources to support women in radio to develop strong management and leadership skills. The MIWs are equally committed to advocating the advancement of women to senior positions in radio companies and corporations. Contact for MIWs, success tips, articles and mentoring tips may also be found at, the MIW website.

*All information provided by MStreet Publications is subject to the limitations of data provided by radio companies. The analysis is dependent upon the accuracy and completeness of the MStreet data as of January 2011.

2010 Women In Radio Top 100

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