From Most Influential Women to Mentoring and Inspiring Women


In 1999, the trade publication Radio Ink published its very first list of the 20 Most Influential Women in Radio.  There had never been a list like this before. Instead of simply enjoying the honor, thirteen of the original twenty gathered in New York City one weekend, and by Monday, the beginning of the Mentoring and Inspiring Women group was born. 

The group started with an annual Gender study, organizing M Street publications data, and for the first time demonstrated to the radio industry how women were faring –or not- in executive positions on and off air in the major radio groups.  From there, the core group decided that they needed to help more women move into executive positions, and the first mentoring program was born.

Thanks to a generous gift from Michael Carter, of Carter Broadcasting, honoring his grandmother, Mildred Carter, the Mildred Carter mentoring program was launched.

The Most Influential, was relaunched as Mentoring and Inspiring Women to further clarify the MIW’s role in the broadcast industry.  

As well as managing several mentoring programs, the MIWs underwrite scholarships for attendees of Rising Through The Ranks,  create multiple paths of recognition for women in management, on-air and in programming, and host annual networking Lipstick & Lobster dinners at the spring NAB and The Radio Show each fall.

The MIW group is a volunteer organization lead by a Spokeswoman and Executive Committee who give generously of their time on behalf of this cause.