Jennifer Mefford

Jennifer Mefford literally “grew up” in a radio family! Both of her parents worked in the business as managers and part owners of Mid-West Family Radio Stations.

As a child, Jennifer spent countless hours at her family’s radio stations, doing a variety of things ranging from filing record albums to sorting invoices. Once she obtained her driver’s license, she automatically inherited the job of taking the station van to be washed!

Her job eventually became much more glamorous in the early nineties, when she was hired as an account executive for Regional Radio’s WJXQ-FM in Lansing, Michigan. Mefford was quickly promoted to Sales Manager of both WJXQ and WWDX, the company’s Active and Alternative properties. After three years in Lansing, Jennifer followed her passion for the Alternative music format to KMYZ-FM in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she spent two years as the General Sales Manager.

Upon returning to her home state in 1998, she joined Greater Media Detroit as an account manager, where she was subsequently promoted to Local Sales Manager of WRIF-FM before becoming General Sales Manager of sister station WCSX in the fall of 2000, where she remains today.

Mefford credits her success in the business to her tenacity, her heart-felt passion for the industry and the support of her family.

When she’s not promoting the attributes of radio, she spends her time cooking, entertaining and enjoying time with her husband, Franz.